Case Study 4 - Audible

CPA Content Subscription

The Brief

Provide high volumes of new free trialists at a fixed cost per sale. Work to a secondary KPI of 1 month & 3 month retention rates. Existing channels - display, PPC and incentivised traffic such as cashback sites.

The Campaign

Tested list owners and bloggers with a similar profile to the existing audible database. Initially tested 100 free trials with each media owner, paying for each valid sign up. Measured retention rates of each media owner after 1 & 3 months and optimised to meet KPIs.


The Results

  • Tested with 50 media owners over an initial 3 month test period
  • Generated 1,500 – 2,000 free trials every month at a fixed CPA
  • Optimised the campaign to meet the 1 month & 3 month retention KPIs
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Case Study 4 - Audible